The Tacoma Warhol

In 1982 Andy Warhol submitted a design for the 1-percent-for-the-arts competition associated with construction of the Tacoma Dome. It wasn’t to be. Exit133 has a great look at the history of the Tacoma Dome and the public art controversy. Frivolous, contentious or misplaced it created a great debate for public arts programs. Tacoma was one of the first cities to implement a 1 percent program for new public buildings. The controversy surrounding the Dome art eventually caused the city to rescind the program.  There is now a groundswell effort to place the Tacoma Warhol Flower onto the top of the Dome.

An illustration from the city of Tacoma shows what Andy Warhol’s “Flower for Tacoma Dome” would look like on the roof of the Tacoma Dome. (Courtesy of the City of Tacoma)

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